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March 05, 2018 Monday 02:48:29 PM IST
Every Student has a Right to these in Exam Hall!

Exam halls- pin drop silence- final round of doubt clearance- sudden remembering of uncovered portions- these routines are enough to make any student panic. Though we know that positive Anxiety is very much needed, we do not want Panic. Panic and tension will put the students under so much pressure that they will not be able to recollect and reproduce what is already there in their primary and secondary memory.

It is high time we paid attention to the basic facilities in the Examination hall. Those 2-3 hours are crucial for the student, so providing him/her with the idealistic infrastructure and ambience.

Teachers can do a great role in Making sure the following necessities.

Proper light:

Each student should proper light. He/ should not strain to read and write.

Proper Ventilation:

Nothing can beat the fresh flow of air. Breathing in and out deep will help them to control their stress and calm their thoughts.

Proper seat:

There should be provision for the student to sit with his backbones straight, desk and seat supporting the correct posture. There should be enough leg space.

Enough Water:

Keeping the student hydrated will add to the normal processing of brain and other creative domains .

Minimal Distractions:

Unnecessary announcements, comments, talks outside the exam halls are to be avoided.

Cooling time:

Most of the exams have cool off time, just before the beginning. Allow them to cool off.

Clear Instructions:

Instructions given should be crisp, clear and loud enough.

Warning Bells:

Do not haste the students to wind up before the warning bell. 

Pic Credit: IBTimes India