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May 03, 2018 Thursday 05:00:54 PM IST

Digital Classroom Must have These!

Education Information

Digtalising a classroom is a tricky affair. A single person's ideas might not be enough for this to be materialised. All the stake holders, like the administration, Principal, teachers, parents and students should be involved in the planning.

A class room can't be called digital just because it has a digital gadget. For effective digitalisation, there should be a proper chain of resources. Nowadays most of the schools have computers or tablets as part of different schemes by the governments and NGOs. 

The tablet/ computer is but one of the tools that can be used in the digital classroom. Experts in new technologies for education have drawn up a list of the different types of equipment required for transforming the 21st-century school, with equipment suited to the specific purpose of each room (e.g. mobile classroom, multimedia room, etc.), and, ideally, a device for each student to ensure an individual learning approach  with specific software for each subject taught. The ideal digital school would therefore be equipped with the following:

*Interactive whiteboards

*Video projectors or interactive video projectors



*Utilities and applications

*Digital teaching content

*Mobile carts to store and recharge mobile devices (laptops or tablets)

*Bluetooth headsets and mice

*Digital cameras and video cameras

*Acoustic speakers


*Network printers and scanners

All these together will constitute a digital classroom in the real sense.

Do the schools own all the essential equipment?