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September 11, 2021 Saturday 02:17:06 PM IST

Craft World School Support in Fighting Pandemic

Best Practices

Educational institutions set a role model for their students and society when they get involved in the local community in crisis situations and overcoming problems. Craft World School in Kottuvally in Ernakulam, Kerala has been in the forefront providing help to Covid-19 frontline warriors since the onset of the pandemic. Some of the measures include release of five transport vans to the Primary Health Centre for transporting patients and materials, free mask and sanitiser distribution and initiating a campaign for giving technology assistance for the locals to get themselves registered for Covid-19 vaccination. Food kits were distributed to the needy in the school neighbourhood during triple lockdown and festival seasons. 

A "Technology for All" initiative was launched on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day to provide digital gadgets to marginalised children.

"A tiny gesture of our generosity and kindness is what is going to make all the difference to our lives in these difficult times," according to Adv CA Majeed, Managing Trustee and Mridula Praveen, Principal, Craft World School.