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April 15, 2021 Thursday 05:41:10 PM IST

Covid Vaccine for Young Children

Parent Interventions

Indiana University Bloomington is in the process of developing a combined rotavirus-Covid-19 vaccine for children by reverse-engineering the rotavirus genome to serve as a vector for the now-familiar SARS-coV-2 spike protein. The team succeeded in generating genetically stable recombinant rotaviruses that contain portions of the spike protein. Rotavirus is common among young children, causing nausea and diarrhea, but vaccination has long reduced its spread in many countries. By leveraging rotavirus immunization programs already in place, a combined vaccine could be distributed and administered to infants and young children around the world. Although children make up a tiny fraction of COVID-19 infections and deaths, they may be asymptomatic carriers of the disease, compromising our ability to reach herd immunity.