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August 15, 2019 Thursday 06:05:59 PM IST

Couples May be Able Choose the Gender of Offspring With Sperm Sorting Method


Sperm sorting method may help couples choose the gender of the new born baby at the stage of conception using Invitro Fertilisation Technique (IVF).
It was found that 500 genes are active in sperm that carry the X chromosome that leads to a female offspring, according to Masayuki Shimada of Hiroshima University of Japan, the NewScientist reported.
The technique has worked in cattle and pigs. It may work on human sperm as well. The pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) currently used to determine sex is prior to implantation of IVF embryos are 100% effective but costly. Sex selection is banned in many countries including India, UK, Australia but is legal in many nations including USA.
There are apprehensions that Shimada's sperm sorting technique may be misused as it is much simpler than conventional techniques.