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March 23, 2020 Monday 09:59:23 AM IST

Cooler Washes Better for Clothes

Technology Inceptions

Cooler washes on washing machines helps clothes look better for longer and release fewer microfibres, according to research done by University of Leeds and detergent maker, Procter and Gamble. Every load of washing releases hundreds of thousands of microfibres – tiny strands that are flushed down the drain. Many reach beaches and oceans where they can remain for many years and be swallowed by sea creatures. Reducing the wash cycle length and water temperature can significantly extend the life of garments. It can also reduce the quantity of dye and microfibres shed into the environment. A series of tests were conducted on dark and brightly coloured t-shirts and white fabric. The temperatures were varied in 30 minute cycles. Cooler and quicker washes led to less quantity of microfibres released in wastewater and dye transfer from coloured washing.