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April 12, 2018 Thursday 10:28:52 AM IST

CISCE to Soon Publish an Updated School Safety Manual

Education Information

Kolkata: All schools affiliated to the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will have to set up a school safety sub-committee that involves teachers, parents and students along with the school management to play important roles in adopting practice of periodic and repeated safety guidelines. CISCE has declared that they will be publishing an updated school safety manual soon.

The 2300 plus Council affiliated schools across the country and abroad will also have to secure its school premises and be receptive to adopt new technologies to ensure safety. The institute henceforth also have to allocate special budget for it.

The safety manual  will be distributed to schools in April, failing which the school will be held responsible in case of occurrence of any incident, jeopardizing the life of students and teachers alike. The School Safety Manual will be published in April where the Council will elaborate various mechanism required to be put in place for prevention of any untoward incident.

The decision to update the safety manual was thought immediately by the CISCE after the incident in Ryan International School when a student was murdered in Gurugram and the violent protest at a south Kolkata school when a student was allegedly molested by two teachers. 

(Source: PTI Twitter handle)