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May 01, 2018 Tuesday 01:49:20 PM IST

China has the Record Number of International Students

International Edu News

Beijing: China maintains its position as Asia’s most popular study destination, according to Beijing’s Ministry of Education. The ministry has released the official statistics of 2017, which shows that there is a significant growth in the rate of foreign students.

As per the statistics, graduate and post graduate courses had 18.5% increase in 2017 than in the previous year. China’s increasing popularity was due to several factors, including competitively priced programs, a significant push from the Chinese government and the improving standing of universities, said the British Council’s China-based senior analyst Kevin Prest to The Pie News. 

This increase is a result of great effort from the Chinese government. Keeping the cost education minimal and allowing scholarships were huge hits. As per the data, 12% of the students coming to China are under some scholarships.

China has the largest number of medical students, which makes it the most attractive study hub for Asian and African students, says the data.

As of now, China is the largest source of international students.

(Source: The Pie News)