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January 06, 2021 Wednesday 11:41:24 AM IST

China Codifies School Punishment

China Ministry of Education has codified punishment in schools that allow teachers to impose such punishments where appropriate. The new regulation states that schools and teachers should use appropriate and specified methods to discipline students who misbehave. Punishments are categorised into three levels depending on the violation, ranging from verbal warnings to suspensions. The regulation also prohibits educators from using physical violence and verbal insults. In China, it is common for teachers and schools to punish students when they make mistakes. Such punishments have gone harsh even leading to the death of students. In September, an elementary school pupil in Sichuan died after getting harsh punishment. The child was hit on her head and forced to kneel. The government codification of school punishment has invited a lot of criticism in social media and were of the view that teachers may punish a student wrongly if given such powers.