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February 14, 2020 Friday 02:46:39 PM IST

CBSE shares guidelines for parents

National Edu News

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notice with some guidelines to parents for preparing their children for board examinations. The notice issued by the Chairperson of CBSE says, "School education no longer revolves around academic disciplines as the area of focus; in fact, the focus now is on developing a specific skill, that is, a love for learning. As parents, you contribute to your child’s learning growth curve if you fan their curiosity from the time they are toddlers, and encourage them to develop an enquiring mind and be creative as they grow older. This then lays the foundation for developing an innovative nature and entrepreneurship, two of the most crucial 21st-century skills for the children of a nation such as ours. To lead them into becoming innovators and entrepreneurs, you must recognize the unique potential of your own child, rather than compare with others. Your friend’s child may be good at mathematics and want to become an engineer, but your child may be good at theatre and may want to become a film-maker. The number of possible careers is unlimited, hence the limitations of our minds as parents, must not become the limitations for our children in achieving great heights."

The notice gives some tips for parents to ensure for their board exam-appearing child:

1. You along with your child must check the location of exam centre at least a day prior to the commencement of the examination. To know the correct location, you can use our Exam Center Locator App (available for Android phones).

2. Ensure your child goes to the examination center wearing a school uniform only, and carrying school ID card.

3. Your child must reach the examination centre by 9.45 am and definitely before 10.00 am. Please note that entry into the examination center is not permitted after 10.00 AM. To ensure this, your child must leave your residence for examination center keeping in view distance, traffic, VIP Visits in the city, weather conditions, etc.

4. Take care that your child is adequately rested on the day of exams and is taking nutritious food throughout.

5. Check that your child is carrying only - admit card, school Identity Card, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Scale, Sharpener; all these must be carried in a transparent pouch in which contents are visible from the outside.

6. Make doubly sure that your child is not carrying mobile, wallet, purse, etc to the examination center.

7. Alert your child to follow all instructions given by invigilators, especially those regarding the method of writing Roll Number in Answer Book.

8. Discuss with your child about the consequences of indulging in unfair means or unethical practises during examination, and make them pledge not to do so.

9. Explain to your child and make them commit to not indulge in spreading rumors and not believing in fake videos and messages uploaded on social media.

10. Make your child aware of the constant need to maintain discipline in the examination centre

11. If your child comes under Benchmark Disabilities, then be aware that the Board has made provisions for your child as per circular number No. CBSE/COORD/112233/2019 dated 12th April, 2019

12. If your child is a Diabetic, then be aware that the Board has made provisions for your child as per circular number CBSE/Coord/ASC/112567/2046 dated 21.02.2017