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April 23, 2018 Monday 10:09:00 AM IST

Book Banks: An Easy Solution for the Less Privileged

Policy Indications

New Delhi: Delhi government has recently asked the schools to start Book Banks. Once an academic year is over, students will be given an option to donate their used text books to the school. The school can make a book bank and hand over the text books in the next academic year to the students who are less privileged.

This instruction has been given to the government and aided schools in Delhi. Earlier, Punjab government also had sent out similar circular to schools. Delhi government has taken this decision after National Green Tribunal's recommendation for better utilization of used books. Annually, lakh of tonnes of paper are used for printing of textbooks for school children. 

'As the students pass out, they are provided next set of books (of the higher class) and books of the previous class become redundant,' said the official statement from Directorate of Education, Delhi. 'Schools are hereby directed to collect usable old text books from the students of all the classes to establish a Book Bank under Eco-Club in every school,' it further added.

In the scenario of text books reaching very delayed, every state in the country can try out this policy for a  temporary relief.