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March 18, 2021 Thursday 05:07:03 PM IST

Best IELTS Learning Applications for Beginners

Teacher Insights

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English proficiency test to determine your fluency in the English language. For getting permission to reside in an English-speaking country as a student or as a worker, IELTS is considered a vital determiner. In short, we can say IELTS is the key to unlock the door that leads to study or work abroad.

IELTS is a standard exam conducted to check proficiency in the English language by observing your English fluency in writing, speaking, reading, and listening to English conversations. So, to build your career in an English-speaking country, you need to crack the IELTS exam. To know more about IELTS coaching, duration, exam, and preparations, click here.

List of best IELTS Learning Applications for Beginners

There are various apps for beginners to prepare for IELTS learning. We have listed below the three categories of apps-Vocabulary apps, Overall IELTS apps, and Vocabulary Specific apps:

Vocabulary IELTS App

 1.      IELTS Word Power

To learn English vocabulary, this is the best available app. This app is developed by the British council. To improve your English vocabulary, you must download this app.

Key Features:

· Learn the English language and improve your vocabulary.

· There are 100 questions to check your word power.

2.      BBC Learning English

BBC is the most trusted organization when we talk about English, and you cannot think of learning English without the BBC. You can download this app on your Android device and iOS.

 Key Features:

· Daily new lessons.

· Outstanding practice.

· Notifications to remind you to continue learning.

· Programs are listed by series and can be found easily.

This free go-to guide English app is beneficial to learn English, and it is the best supporting app for the IELTS course online.

3.      IELTS Preparation App

This app is developed by the British council and is available on Android devices and iOS. This tool gives an overall idea of Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening Tests.

Key Features:

· Unlimited and free grammar tips, practice tests, quizzes, and exercises.

· Interview videos of IELTS speaking

· Exercises on Vocabulary

4.      IELTS Tests Pro 2019

It is another comprehensive free app to access flashcards and free practice tests.

 Key Features:

· More than 3000 questions were prepared by experts.

· Your progress statistics for every question.

· Study based review calendar daily

· Support both online and offline mode.

Vocabulary Specific Apps

5.      Learn English Podcasts

To boost your English skills, this is an entertaining podcast about your daily life developed by British Council.

Key Features:

· More than 20 hours of free listening and 60 episodes.

· Moving audio script to read and to listen.

· Episodes download available for offline use.

· Various wide range of English topics are available.

This app is useful for balancing learning and entertainment at the same time.

6.      English Radio IELTS/TOEFL

You will get this interesting app in both Android and iOS app stores. It is a vast platform for listening and speaking English practices and developing your skills.

Key Features:

· An excellent Radio collection from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries.

· Easy to find out and listen to famous radio stations.

· Chat and make friends with other users.


Due to advanced technology, we gain lots of benefits. These apps are very beneficial for learning the English language and cracking IELTS in one go. All these apps are available on Android devices and iOS platforms. Use these apps to get better results for yourself.

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