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March 05, 2018 Monday 01:55:44 PM IST
Be Aware of these Subtle Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children

"Sexual Abuse" the worst  nightmare of a parent, whether it is a boy or a girl. Everyday reporting of cruelties against children are so shocking that the Parents are completely worried about the safety of their kids. Making the children aware about such abuses are one option, still, how they will reveal the fact if at all they were treated badly, is also a matter of concern.

As per some recent studies, every second child in India, is being exposed to one or the other form of sexual abuse and every fifth child faces critical forms of it.

Though it is obvious that the victims of such abuses do not open up that easily, it is multiple times difficult for a minor to disclose the fact. The abuser will be playing all the mental games with the kid that he/ she might feel the incident as something consensual. They may bribe or threaten the kids too. Sometimes the child wouldn't even know that they were abused. 

Here are some of the signs that an abused child may exhibit:

*Changes in Behavior or mood. Withdrawal, arrogance, sudden outburst of emotions, restlessness, inactiveness, any mood that is completely out of her/ his usual behavior.

*Becomes so clingy and cries for parental attention all the time, always clinging to the parent.

*Reluctant to mingle with others, sometimes especially with some particular ones.

*Obscene/ inappropriate gestures/ diction

* Desperately seeks affection

*unusually secretive

*Changes in eating habits

*Attention related issues in school like lack of concentration, steeply falling grades

*Hinting about some unhappy touches/ persons

*Sudden loss of self confidence

*Blood in underwear

*Soreness or discoloration in genital areas, unexplainable bruises

*Difficulty in sleeping

* Trouble walking or sitting or complains about painful bowel movements

*Constantly complain about stomachaches/ headaches with no solid reason

But remember that any one reason among the above mentioned need not mean that the child is abused. If several reasons are evident and there are strong reasons (sometimes intuitions too!), do not keep on procrastinating, just confront the issue and extend all support to the child. It is quite natural for the parent to go in to shock or to denial mode. But remember that every single time you try to ignore the issue, it is the child who suffers, and perhaps it can alter his/ her character for a life time!