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July 28, 2017 Friday 12:22:49 PM IST

Baby observes and learns what we like

Parent Interventions

The baby we see with cute face, innocent smile and bright eyes in their mind they learns how others move, what they may do next.  They keep a close track of what they see as they are observing those things for the first time and when they see those moves again they recollect and understand what is happening.

When the baby learns a pattern or an action and if the same person does another action with similar outcome the baby will not be identify. The baby needs to see a consistent pattern so as to interact properly with others.

The study was conducted to find out how the babies react to a situation on how they react  to the selections people they see make and how the babies react when there is a change in the actions. The baby observes and registers the actions in the mind and they get confused when the same procedure does not give the expected outcome.