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February 15, 2021 Monday 11:48:11 AM IST

Australia to Approve Vaccination Passport

Australia may approve digital vaccine certificate for international students enabling them to enter the nation without a need for quarantine. The proposal is to link verified Covid-19 vaccine certificates to a new digitised system for incoming passenger cards to be implemented later this year. A number of preconditions have to be satisfied before the concept of ‘vaccination passport’ can be implemented, according to Alan Tudge, Education Minister. He said there were about 164,000 international students enrolled in Australian universities who were unable to enter the country due to the border closure. The risk posed by protracted border closures to Australia’s international education system – one of the country’s largest exports and worth $40 billion to the country’s economy – is one of the biggest challenges faced by the government. Several universities messaged students that they will be welcomed back soon. The varsities have reported steep decline in applications and entrolments from new international students in view of the pandemic.