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March 05, 2018 Monday 10:06:36 AM IST
Are We Missing out Calls from an ET?

'Extra Terrestrial forms of life' has always been a topic of interest for the Science world. Remember the "Oumuamua" debate, when scientists took sides on whether the asteroid captured on the telescope, could have been a Space craft!

As per the Scientists at Harvard University, OUMUAMUA, the Asteroid caught in the Telescope (October 20170), could have been a spacecraft used by the Aliens. A theoretical physicist at the university, Abraham Loeb claimed that the object, named Oumuamua, was actually a spacecraft which was sending signals back to its creators.


Now, researches done by the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) says that there are possibilities that some ET might be trying to contact us and we might end up in missing the message, thanks to the noise raised by our increased numbers of gadgets!

As per their latest theory, the increased number of gadgets and technological devices human use, are creating more noise in the form of signals and due to this, there is a chance for us to miss out the message an alien could possibly sent from the outer space!

These two theories, put together, gives more strength to the argument that there is really somebody outside trying to keep a contact with the Humans and that it is possible that the earthen inhabitants might miss out (if not already done!) the message due to the mess created by the innumerous gadgets they use!

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