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May 17, 2019 Friday 01:16:42 PM IST

AI Coach Can Help Teens to Achieve Weight Loss

Parent Interventions

AI Behavioral Coach was found to be useful for teens to attain weight loss targets.

The system was tested by Nemours Children's Health System based on an AI system developed by X2ai, an innovator. The interactive chat bot works with the individuals to attain their specific goals. Twenty three patients in the 9-18 age group with obesity symptoms were involved in the study. The group interacted with the chabbot over the next 10-12 weeks with 4, 123 messages from 270 conversations. The chats were initiated by the chat boats and total of 55 hours, 45 minutes of support was provided.  

The new system will enable parents to make their teenage children improve their health without the need to find time and resources to visit clinics. As intensive behavioral counseling is required for people with obesity symptoms, the new AI based system, which is seen to be useful by 96% of the people who used it, will benefit both teenagers and their parents.