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March 19, 2018 Monday 01:18:58 PM IST

A Teacher Who Drew MS Office on Board!

International Edu News

Ghana: The Betenase M-A Junior High School in Ghana's Sekyedomase town didnt not have computers. But that never stopped Richard Appiah Akoto from teaching his students about computers. He drew computer screen on the black board with chalks and explain the parts and functions to the students.

The photo of Richard Appiah Akoto's heart touching class spread in social media and went viral. Seeing the same, NIIT decided to do something. 

Ashish Kumar, the NIIT centre manager in Accra, said: "We saw the news getting viral on Facebook and were so touched by the teacher’s dedication that we decided to support the school with the best we could do as an IT training organisation.

“We took a printout of the post and discussed the matter with our group CEO Kapil Gupta. He is the one who decided to sponsor five new desktops and books for the school and a new laptop for the teacher as a part of our social and corporate responsibility.”

Microsoft Africa also extended their help.  They have invited Akoto to their Education Exchange in Singapore.

(Source: Scoopwhoop)