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May 15, 2021 Saturday 11:56:55 AM IST

A Healthy Breakfast for Your Child

Parent Interventions

Breakfast has originated from the concept of ‘Break the Fast.’ When we wake up in the morning our blood sugar levels are low. This is because the last meal was eaten atleast eight to ten hours ago. A glass of water is the perfect way to begin the day. It will help in bowel movements. Children who go to school and parents who go to work can’t afford to skip breakfast as it is essential for the working of muscles and brain. As schools start early, skipping breakfast is fairly common in children and adolescents and increases as children age.

Importance of  breakfast

Due to lack of sleep or late rising, children need to hurry up to get ready for school. When they are stressed they may not eat breakfast as they may be worried about missing the school bus or van. This puts too much pressure on them. This can seriously harm their health as breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day.

A healthy breakfast is required for a child to maximize learning in school. Their body needs plenty of fuel. Studies indicated that well-fed children make more progress in school than children who leave home with their stomachs empty. If your youngster doesn’t want to eat in the morning at home, pack something they can have on the way to school or between classes. Opt for fruit, nuts, or half a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Students may face difficulty in concentrating in class or writing notes if they skip breakfast as mental activity is energy-consuming. This can cause restlessness and sometimes lethargy. They may experience mood swings. They are likely to fall back in learning. One study showed that kids who ate breakfast scored better in academics than those who didn’t. Studies show that an individual should get 15–25% of daily energy intake from breakfast itself.

Skipping breakfast can cause children to consume junk food during the day and become overweight. The average total energy intake was significantly lower for children who did not consume breakfast when compared with children who consumed breakfast at school. Breakfast can enhance children's diets by positively contributing to daily nutrient intake, augmenting intake of key nutrients such as fibre and calcium, and provides an opportunity to help meet the daily recommendations.

Healthy and easy Veggie-Egg White Sandwich


Brown bread- 2  Slices

Egg white boiled and sliced – 1

Butter/ghee- As required

Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp

Chopped Carrots-1 tbsp

Boiled and sliced potatos-1 tbsp

White channa paste-10g

Tomato- Half chopped

Pepper powder-1 pinch

Coriander leaves- 1 tbsp

Method of Preparation:

1. Smear butter or ghee on the bread and toast them until golden brown on each side in a tawa and keep it aside.

2. Heat oil in a pan, sauté ginger garlic paste for 1 minute.

3. Put half chopped tomato and saute well until it becomes mushy.

4. Add chopped carrot and beans and boiled and sliced potatoes.( you can add any vegetables like beans, corn, peas  as per the preference of your kid).Saute on a medium to high flame until half cooked.

5. Cover and cook on a low flame until the tomato puree gets coated with the vegetables.

6. Add boiled and sliced egg white pieces, sprinkle salt and mix well.

7. Put the mashed channa and mix well

8. Add a pinch of pepper powder and coriander leaves.

9. Place the toasted bread slices and transfer the veggies over them. (If your kid likes to have cheese, then sprinkle now)

10. Place another slice of bread. Press down gently. (Grill or toast it on a low flame if necessary)

11. Serve hot.

Nutritional Composition of the Recipe

Energy- 285 kcal


Protein -14g

Fat -17g


Iron- 2mg

The prepared sandwich could meet one-third of the daily requirement of school children. One fruit can also be added to make the diet fully balanced.

(Nutritionists, dieticians, chefs or anyone interested in cooking may send innovative nutrilicious food ideas to for publication in this column)

Nimmi Jacob

Assistant Professor of Home Science, St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam

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