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March 06, 2018 Tuesday 11:44:38 AM IST
72-qubit computer: Google Moves toward Quantum Supremacy

There had been guesses and rumours about Google's research team testing a quantum Computer with 72 quantum bits (qubits). The rumour became a manifested proclamation with the giant admitting the same in a meeting of the American Physical Society on March 5.

As per the words of Google physicist Julian Kelly, the team is hoping to use larger quantum chip to demonstrate quantum supremacy for the first time, performing a calculation that is impossible with traditional computers.

To achieve quantum supremacy, a computer of more than 50 qubits is required. Unlike standard bits that take on a value of 0 or 1, a qubit can be 0, 1 or a mashup of the two, owing  to a quantum quirk known as superposition. 

The Computer, nicknamed as Bristlecone (as the qubits are arranged like pine cone scales), is still in development. If everything falls in to place as they plan, the quantum supremacy demonstration could come within a few months.

Inputs from: www.sciencenews.org