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May 24, 2018 Thursday 10:17:55 AM IST

575 Schools in Delhi to Refund Excess Fee with 9% Interest!

National Edu News

New Delhi: The Delhi government  has asked schools to refund the excess fees to the parents, failing which strict action will be taken against them. As part of the government's 'rendering education as a service', a body was appointed to have a reality check over the fee collected by various schools. The government also asked schools that the excess fees should be returned by adding 9% interest. 575 such schools have been given the notice, so far.

 A few days before, the government directed two schools to roll back fee hike and de-recognised a private school in the city for not providing free uniform and books to students admitted under the economically weak section category.

'For the first time in the country, schools are being disciplined. They are not being allowed to hike fees arbitrarily. Many schools are being made to return hiked fees. Because there is an honest government in Delhi,' the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted. 

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