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May 04, 2018 Friday 09:52:11 AM IST

3 'C's for Effective Class Management

Teacher Insights

Managing a class is not an easy task. There could be good days, bad days and utter flop days! Ask any teacher for her/his memorable incident of class management and you will get a really humourous episode. Though there are so many strategies the teachers can adopt, some classes are just battles, which the teacher has to fight alone.

In such scenario, the three 'C's can help. They are, Connection, Consistency and Compassion.


On the surface, this might seem simple. When we’re connected with our students, two things happen: they want to behave better and when they don’t, it’s easier to manage their behavior. This isn’t a surprise; however, there’s a lot more to using connection as a classroom management technique then just building relationships with students.

A teacher needs to have good connection not just with the students, but with parents, other teachers, administration etc.


This is probably the most obvious, but also the most difficult of the three Cs. It isn’t rocket science that teachers need to be consistent when managing behavior; however, the depths to which this is true extend way beyond the obvious. Consistency with classroom management is not just about being consistent when handing out consequences, but in other ways too. The teacher must be deliberate with factors like the tone of her/his voice to each student and how much time she/he spends building connections with each student.

Most importantly, do not show favouritism. Children easily notice and judge based on that. Teachers are also human beings and they connect well with some students deeper than others, just like anybody else. But she/he should be consistent with the approach to each student. 


When the students are at their “worst” the teacher must be at the best. Managing behavior with compassion doesn’t mean that one should excuse wrongdoing. In fact, it means the teacher must acknowledge the mistakes and use them as avenues to teaching humanity. The students need to know that the teachers care, unconditionally.

(Indebted to various sources)

Do teachers lack the 3 Cs?
07/05/2021 05:54:24 IST
Dianne Quiles Lugo: I think teachers are empower with the 3 C’s, because is very important for a good environment and School that all the teachers be like this if not the teacher must be out of this group.
07/05/2021 05:44:35 IST
Pat Highsmith Lawyer: Most teacher do have the 3Cs but sometimes frustration, lack of training or preparation, fatigue or other situations cause us to deviate from our tools.
07/05/2021 05:43:56 IST
christopher Ubah: The good teachers have the 3 Cs.
07/05/2021 05:33:55 IST
Annita Williams: no, Because a teacher has a connection with each student to help motivate them to do a better job at school. The consistency that builds each student confident to believe that they can do the assignments with the knowledge they have. Also, before taking this job you must be compassionate and have a heart for what you doing.
07/05/2021 05:32:26 IST
Michael Pabalis: I believe by the nature of the profession people that are drawn to teaching fundamentally have the three C's as personality traits. Therefore they either have or are acquiring the three C's.
17/04/2021 08:41:22 IST
Yvette M Heflin: I believe that teachers are empowered by the 3 C's Connection, Compassion, and Consistency. Teachers use their connection with the student to motivate them. She has to get to know the students, their patterns and their personality. Teacher's Compassion for their students helps them understand where the student is coming from. Their ideas and their goals that they need to succeed. Consistency is to keep the lessons consistent so that the student can feel confident with the lesson before they move on to the next assignment.
15/04/2021 23:46:04 IST
Yvette M Heflin: No, I feel teachers have a connection with their students. They are consistent with handing our consequences and praise and they are compassionate towards the students. They spend more time and have the chance to know the students.
17/02/2021 05:33:02 IST
Lavern James: No, majority of the teachers show all three C's. They use their own money to buy supplies for the students to used daily to do their assignments.