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June 21, 2018 Thursday 05:13:46 PM IST

10 Things Children Will Always Remember

Parent Interventions

Some memories last longer. The words and action you convey to a child can create or destruct his/her entire character formation. If the parents thing that the children are going to forget all the harsh words and your unavailability, you are so wrong.

Here are the ten things children will always remember.

1.Reading to them: Do you read to them? If not, make it a regular habit. It will have deep impact in the child.

2.Listening to them: Don't casually ignore or take silly when they talk. Listen to them carefully.

3.Hugging them : Hug them, as much as you can. A hug gives the child the feeling of security, warmth, care and love.

4.Having family traditions: Family get together, movie time, picnic, these things matter a lot.

5.Sharing meals: By sharing meals, it's the care for the family that is being shared.

6.Telling how precious they are: You may think these words in your mind. But it makes all the difference when you say to them.

7.Celebrating: Well, not just birth days. Celebrate the victories that matter to them. Getting entry to the drama or sports team may be a big thing!

8.Playing with them: Play with them, let them win, let them lose. Teach them how to tackle both. They will never forget.

9.Remembering their special days: Annual days, Camping days, whatever silly a day it may seem to you, it is very important for them.

10.Loving them: Express your love. All the time.

(Indebted to various sources)

How can we make better memories for our children?