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April 02, 2018 Monday 10:08:55 AM IST

10 Things a Parent of an Autistic Child wants to Tell You

Parent Interventions

Autism is a dreading phrase for  every parent. April 2nd is considered as world autism awareness day. On this day, on behalf of a parent of an autistic child, here are the ten things you should keep in mind.

1. Not all autism are same:

Yes, you can't compare or expect the same set of behaviour from all autistic children.

2. They will make different noises. Don't Stare:

It is completely normal for them to make noises for all emotions. Do nt stare at them

3. We don't need sympathy:

We are well aware of the fact that our child is different. We do not need your sympathy to cope up with that.

4.They need love:

These kids need love. All kids do, but Autistic kids need in plenty. If you can't give them, that's fine. Just do not stare at them or stand like you are embarrassed by their presence.

5. They are creative:

Don't give that look o astonishment when you see them doing something creative. These children are very talented, creative and skilled.

6. They don't look alike:

If you think all Autistic kids have same body language and gestures, you are completely wrong.

7. We will not scold:

If you see our kids throwing tantrums and think we do not scold them properly, better teach your psyche. We do not scold them. They can’t help how their body receives stimuli. they are trying to cope with the way their body is affected by the surroundings. 

8. We do love them:

Do not think that we are sacrificing something to look after our children. We do love them as any other children of ours. They are not a burden to us. 

9. Accept them as they are:

They are different. They should be treated differently, gently and with more patience. 

10. Be a bit Empathetic:

Keep away your sympathy and be a bit empathetic towards them. 

(Source: Article by a parent of Autistic child, published in