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June 07, 2018 Thursday 03:16:12 PM IST

10 Easy Cleaning Jobs for Kids That Will Actually Help You

Parent Interventions

A fun way to include kids in daily chores is to build up a home 'Clean Team'. Parent can come up with a list of what needs to be done once a week, breaking it into jobs children can do, assigning one or two jobs to each family member, and then teach them how to do it.

Here are 10 easy cleaning jobs that a kid can do:

1. Vacuum the floors:

Designate one non-rug vacuumer and one carpet vacuumer to do every room in the house.

Call the non-rug vacuumer the 'floor vac' and let the kids use a really lightweight commercial shop vac because then even 2- or 3-year-olds can just go to town on any non-rug floor.Just help them put on the right attachment that won't scratch the floor.

2. Mop the floors:

Make sure you give them the 'non-rug' area. They will do it easily as the floors have already been prepped by the vacuumers, the mopping gets done super fast.

3. Empty trash cans and replace the bags:

Tuck new trash bags into their waistbands, so they have new ones to put in as they take out the old ones full of trash. They think it's fun, running around like Superman with those bags flapping around their waists.

4. Clean the bathrooms:

Kids are willing to spray and wipe down the toilets. Give them a little bottle, and they'll spray the whole toilet inside and out, and then just wipe it down. Then use the toilet brush, and they're done.

5. Wipe down the kitchen chairs, table and counters:

Give them colourful cleaning cloths and colourful buckets.

6. Help do the laundry:

When you think about it, doing the laundry is really a series of simple tasks that together combine into one big job, so break up the job into different responsibilities.

7. Use dusters and squeegees:

Kids love using tools like feather dusters for tables and shelves and squeegees for windows and mirrors. Kids like them because it's like a toy, and they want to mimic a grownup.

8. Refill supplies:

With little kids, let them refill all the toilet papers and put the spare on the back of the toilet, or wherever the spares go, or refill all the soap dispensers in the bathroom.

9. Clean those overlooked places:

Disinfecting doorknobs and light switches, wiping down baseboards and mini-vacuuming under furniture are things that totally need to be done, but rarely make it on a busy mom's cleaning must-do list.

10. Folding towels, rags and even their own clothes:

While not normally part of Paul's Team Clean night, folding laundry is a great job for children, especially towels, rags, and their own clothes, where perfect folding is not required.