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March 06, 2018 Tuesday 02:46:50 PM IST
10 Tips to Develop your Leadership Skills

Being a leader is not an easy cake walk. Often the great leaders need regular polishing of the skills. Some of you might be born leaders. But all are not. Often the ones who became leaders with their acquired skills prove to be better leaders.

Here are some of the tips to practice:

1. Be Inspired and Keep Inspiring:

It is necessary for a leader to be self inspired. Only then he/ she can inspire the team.

2. Be Empathetic:

See things from others' perspective too. Give opportunity for others to speak. make sure you think for the betterment of the team too.

3.Recruit Diverse yet Positive people:

Team leaders tend to recruit people with similar characteristic features. Remember, we need all kind of people. Diversity is the uniqueness of a team. We dont need replicas. 

4. Celebrate Small Achievements:

Achievements, however small it might be, celebrate. Acknowledge and appreciate  the hard work of the persons. Appreciate them in front of others. Positive reinforcement can do wonders!

5. Be Transparent:

You can't please all. Make sure when you are sticking to a point, that it is for sensible reasons. Be transparent and straight forward.

6.Be Approachable:

Be approachable to your team mates. However busy you might be, you should be available when they need you.

7. Do not point fingers:

While pointing out mistakes/ errors, do not specifically criticize a person. On the contrary, appreciate specific person, when there is an achievement. 

8. Be Demanding:

When you know the team mates' caliber in and out, be demanding and push them. Most of the creative and innovative ideas come only when there is certain stress is induced.

9. Confront the Mistakes:

Do not run away from mistakes. It is normal to make mistakes. Better admit it, rectify it and move on.

10.  Do not Give up:

Leadership need perseverance. It is always better to finish the task that abandoning it. But remember one thing, it is not always feasible to drag on. If you must, then you should end it wisely and elegantly.