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April 07, 2021 Wednesday 01:56:49 PM IST

ONPASSIVE launches Crowd Funding Platform O-Bless, URL Trimming Tool O-Trim

ONPASSIVE, the global provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services, today launched its two new products O-Bless & O-Trim. O-Bless, a unique crowd funding platform and O-Trim is a URL trimming tool developed using latest technology. This is the second phase of product release since the last launch of O-Cademy, an online learning platform in February 2021. 

O-Bless caters not just to causes but also gives an effective platform to startups and innovations to showcase their products and get the much needed traction to get financial support.Mr. Ash Mufareh - Founder & CEO, ONPASSIVE joined the team virtually from Florida, USA congratulated the team. "We are marching ahead as we launch O-Bless, a philanthropic platform that is set to revolutionize the crowdfunding space. It is a platform to connect people to causes giving the opportunity to give back to the community. Equipped with global payment methods, O-Bless will additionally empower start-ups and innovators all across the world to get financial support & grow their business to the next big thing. O-Trim is much more than just a URL shortener, we enable you to understand how well your brands are performing with in-depth access reports. This tool can help every digital marketer to understand where they doing well and where they are failing." O-Trim, is a URL trimming tool that is enabled with multiple features to enhance how you market your brand. This feature-rich tool also provides security for the shortened URL with email authentication thereby increasing the efficacy and privacy of the URL while giving you more power to track how many visitors you have had and planning targeted marketing campaign. 

In the coming days, ONPASSIVE will launch more products in the global market and users around the world will be able to avail these services once the company expands into new channels of the international market as a part of the pan-global alliance. This would significantly strengthen the company’s position in the global AI tech giant ranking. ONPASSIVE believes that transparency and trust are the two most important factors that nurture the global living and support the communities and make impactful change.  ONPASSIVE is an AI tech company that is dedicated to creating business solutions from sophisticated technologies on a global level. ONPASSIVE is the first and only Total Internet Solution (TIS) with a complete ecosystem of tools and applications that has been tagged as the first-ever Smart Business Solution (SBS).