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January 01, 2015 Thursday 12:22:49 PM IST

Love your enemy and pass over to new realms of life

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If you are a careful observer of your life you would have already discovered that creative spurs in your life owe much more to your enemies than to your friends! You are at your best when you are radically challenged! All your instincts will be spontaneously active and your reflexes will be switched on in the face of threat to your own existence. What you really are is revealed in front of an enemy and not in front of your friend. Friends seldom awaken you to novel possibilities of your life. They rather will settle down your worries; puff your wounds and sooth your pains. They facilitate you to flower where you are planted. At the friend’s place you generate more lethargy than life energy. You feel extremely comfortable with your friends. You will rather fall asleep at your friend’s bosom. You would love to stay with your friends and bidding farewell to them is painful. You generate greater amount of
inertia as you spend time with your friends. Friends facilitate you “to be” rather than “to do”. They generate more attractive force which ties you down with them. They lack repelling force to promote your passing over to new realms of life! Enemies, on the other hand, always push you into new avenues of your life. They put you on your heels. They affect you radically and touch the very core of your being. They generally do not miss their target: the core of your person. They provoke you incessantly lest you should feel comfortable. You will never slumber at enemy’s place. A perfect enemy never
allows you to rest or relax. All your five senses will be at their optimum performance level at the enemy’s cave.

Even your sixth sense will be activated to intuitively detect the hidden movements of your enemies. In other words, at your enemy’s place you are at your best: active, vigilant and awake. All your thoughts, emotions, words will be centered on your enemy’s moves. It will keep you more concentrated and focused than that you could achieve through any advanced techniques in meditation!