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April 13, 2020 Monday 11:03:44 AM IST

Power of Forgiveness and Creativity in Times of Pandemic

Cover Story

As we all deal with the historic impact of the Corona Virus, it is important for you to put distance, both emotional and physical, between you and this challenging situation. To make the most of the energies operating in your life now, you have to keep your distance in order to protect yourself. It is crucial that you avoid being overwhelmed by the news and information overload.
Try to stay centered and peaceful and communicate with positive people. Those who are intoxicated, sad, hurt, or angry which may include you also, must try to find and learn ways to calm themselves. In any event, you must protect yourself from any insensitivity of others. Isolating can be uncomfortable, but it can also be a gift to yourself to change from your usual routine to get in touch with your true feelings. 
Escape Valve
You may even need the release of a good cry which can act like an escape valve on your emotions. Isolation comes in many forms and it is up to you to choose the method that is appropriate for your situation. You may find it beneficial to work on becoming more emotionally detached or you may find it healing to practice a new form of creativity or read spiritual teachings to uplift your spirits. Sometimes making a strategic withdrawal like this can give you time to rest and recover your perspective on your life situation. You may be surprised at how different you see things when you are not stuck in the middle of them. 
If you do not see this time as an adventure, an inward journey, you may unknowingly sabotage yourself by responding habitually instead of being genuinely present with the lessons that need to be learned. Coasting on automatic pilot is a form of escape, too, but it will not get you to where you would like to be. We took some quiet, focused time to talk to the spirits that help guide us, while we sat outside in our garden. I asked, "What can we all do to help us get through this time of testing?” Monte heard “Forgiveness is key.” So there is something to ponder and to do. 
We can learn from this experience that in order for us to be able to forgive, we must first be able to forgive ourselves. We must nourish ourselves with our divine capacity for compassion. 
Forgiveness is the antidote to the poison that is blame. All too often, the tendency is to not try and solve the problem but to fix the blame. It is not weakness but the greatest strength to forgive.
And here is a good tip: Start with a prayer of gratitude, and focus your intention to clear stagnant, inharmonious energies from your environment and replace them with positive, natural, uplifting, and life-affirming energies.
Forgiveness allows love to flow to you and even to those who have been inconsiderate. All beings and all things are capable of both being supportive of others (the essence of spirituality) and being destructive. Lack of forgiveness makes people hard and blocks fortunate, constructive chi energy from flowing to them. 
Perform the following ritual to fill your space with love and forgiveness: Take a deep breath, and then exhale. Now feel what it is like to forgive yourself for every wrong you’ve done. Now feel what it is like to forgive your entire family. Do the same thing for your friends, then all those who have wronged you; then forgive the world and finally the universe for the countless wrongs it contains. Your soul and your space are now sanctified with calm, healing energy.
Perform this ritual every time you become angry, afraid or otherwise need to experience calm and peace. We’ve found this technique especially helpful when we have difficulty falling asleep. 
Power of Creativity
Here is another technique that will help you sleep: Every time you go to sleep, remember to forgive yourself for whatever you have done as you tried to grow. Then forgive everyone else who has ever wronged you, both known and unknown. Don't dwell on any particular situation but offer a blanket of forgiveness to your fellow fallible human beings. You will be amazed at how well you sleep.
Keep in mind the healing, comforting power of creativity we all need to deal with the fear and anxiety of these uncertain times. Coloring, crafting, cooking, designing, making art and music, writing are all calming meditations that help to re-calibrate your focus and soothe your worries.
Being creative mirrors the way we can transform our concepts, goals, visions and dreams,our immune systems and wellness practices. The Creativity Oracle that we created is designed to guide and assist you in your process and inspire your imagination. Use your quiet time to “know thyself,” sharpen your intuitive skills, do some sacred play, learn new techniques, try new recipes and approaches to projects.
Stop Worrying
Here’s an exercise: Why not, if only for a day, avoid worrying about what you think is wrong or is going to go wrong? Even if you are in dire straits, worrying will not help you now. Concentrate on staying positive and grateful and being open to new possibilities, solutions and opportunities.
If you worry, you will not see as clearly the path to obtaining a reasonable amount of what you consider to be success. Rough times are times when little things can be very important. Subtle hints of how to behave and where to go are easily crushed by worrying about impending problems that may or may not actually come into being.
It is up to you to decide what you can learn from this present experience. If you spend your precious time thinking about what you are upset about, what might go wrong, you are wasting time that could otherwise be spent helping you move into a better probable future. Worry is based on our attachment to wanting to know how things will turn out.
The way to balance worry is first to acknowledge that it is based on our natural desire to avoid pain. Worry is like a well-meaning friend that keeps picking everything apart to try to make it better yet, if they are allowed to go on and on, what they end up with is a pile of picked-apart pieces of a whole that does not work anymore. 
If you can't take even a one-day vacation from worry then let worry have its say and thank it for its trouble. In this way, worries are allowed to serve their legitimate purpose and you will not feel bad every time you notice you are worrying. Try to be in the moment by practicing meditation, breathing, and mindfulness. Let's do it together. Namaste!

Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

The authors are internationally known for their self-help books such as The Enchanted Tarot, The Psychic Circle, Karma Card, The Chakra Meditation Kit, The Enchanted Spellboard, The Truth Fairy, The Enchanted Love Tarot, Astrology for Wellness and their latest work is The Creativity Oracle. Amy is also involved in intricate jewelry and fabric designs that exude her profound intuition and deep connection with archetypal stories and healing energies.

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