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February 05, 2020 Wednesday 03:03:42 PM IST

India in the Era of 5G

Cover Story

It’s a good sign that, schools today are concentrating more on giving practical lessons than teaching students just the theories in Science. This is the ideal setting for schools to explore and improve. Schools outside the country, like in Japan are completely giving its students practical experiences. I came across a school where they had 30 to 35 cooking ranges for children, to learn how to cook and not just read about it.

This kind of approach towards teaching science is growing in our country. It is a fresh way to learn and will help our children in thinking logically. This will also aid in building a scientific temperament among young children. We are not exactly where we planned to be, but we are on the way. Lots of work has to be done in the background. As long as they are confined to homeland, they will believe in superstitions, which is a hindrance to developing scientific temperament. They will understand the reality of science, if they get more exposure to the outside world.  

India’s biggest potential is its unlike many other nations where the population is aged.  Look at any country in the world, in every field, the top positions are held by Indians and their enormous potential is recognized worldwide. We need to make sure that it is being utilized for the development of our country. The IITs and IIMs were created with a vision to make this possible. But today every student passing out from these top institutions in our country is motivated to move abroad for better prospects.

There is a serious trouble with the quality of scientific forums and science conferences in our country. Little importance is given to the idea presented at these venues or how can they be taken forward. Getting the paper accepted for completing or award of research degree is the priority here. Top conferences happening in many other countries provide great opportunities for students and researchers to discuss and take forward the ideas. Conferences and forums are spaces where we discuss about the latest technology and developments. They are also platforms where we analyze the latest challenges in the field of science. We need more effective forums in the country, where we get the chance to bring actual changes in the field.

Today, India is excelling in the field of Information Technology. We are living in the generation of Internet of Things (IoT) where everything is connected through the internet. Even at the school levels, children are being taught about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. We also look forward to the deployment of 5G services in the near future. With 5G, IoT, AI and data analytics in full swing, there will be a whole lot of jobs and opportunities created. This will ultimately help in the progress of the country immensely. No one can predict what science is going to give us in the next year. I definitely think something big is going to come in the next five years.

There are some changes we can consciously make. More young innovators need to come into the frame. Young people have a lot of great ideas. School and college students have a lot of fascinating ideas that need to be promoted. They could be the ones to bring about breakthroughs in science. Students should be encouraged and given opportunities to present their ideas in front of authorities who can take decisions. For this to happen, the funding provided to educational institutions has to increase. The funding that is available to students now is not enough for them to even create a prototype of their ideas. Many projects don’t get taken up because of the lack of funding to implement these ideas.

For a bright future of science in India, school teachers need to concentrate on building practical knowledge of the students. Give students the opportunity to explore what they are studying and apply it to the real-world scenarios. There is also a need to instill better values and encourage the right attitude towards science as a subject of study among young students. One requires a lot of discipline and good values to be able to contribute to this field.

India, if she realizes her potential and strength and makes apt changes accordingly will be able to become a country with the best scientists and researchers. This will play a vital role in making India one of the best innovators of the world

Dr. Varun G Menon

Dr. Varun G Menon is Associate Professor-Computer Science and Engineering, Corporate Relations and International Collaborations -i/c SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Ernakulam.

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