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October 19, 2020 Monday 11:27:30 AM IST

Wizard with a Sense of Society

Life Inspirations

Jennisha Sunil Agarwal, Pradhan Manthri Bal Puraskar winner with a proven record in scholastics has set a role model for children by being active in community service as a volunteer during the Covid-19 lockdown. Fortynine children in India were honoured with the Pradhan Manthri Bal Puraskar Award this year and presenting the awards Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that he was proud to see excellence of children in chosen areas, their energy, enthusiasm and awareness of their duties and responsibilities as future citizens.

Among them was Jennisha Sunil Agarwal, now a 12th standard student of Disha Delphi Public School in Ahmedabad in Gujarat state who won the award in scholastics category. But what makes her achievements unique is that she has also excelled art, culture, sports and is involved in various social activities.

She has been chosen for summer studies at Stanford University with full scholarship. She has won the gold medal in Asian Mathematics Olympiad and a number of international Olympiads.  She is the Indian ambassador for International Astronomy and Astrophysics organisation.

While the impeccable academic performance may surprise the nation, her family and teachers are not. In fact, they have witnessed Jennisha as an all-rounder from a young age having won international competitions from age 7. The young girl who competed in the international and continental olympiads in the category of Mathematics, Chemistry, Astrophysics, English and Sports had to outshine in more than 50 platforms to win the award. Until lockdown, she used to take time off to indulge in her favourite sports-tennis, badminton and athletics

Early Math Skills

She attributes her success to the strong support from parents. She became fascinated with mathematics at Grade7 which she attributed to her maths teacher. Inspired by her, she also nurtures a wish to become a maths teacher one day and make children enjoy learning the subject.
As Indian Ambassador to International Astronomy and Astrophysics Association, he has reached thousands of kids across the country nurturing their love for astronomy and astrophysics.

Wanting to be part of all the good that’s happening around the world, she is a Canadian Red Cross and associated with projects for Clean India, Tribal Welfare, Health and Education. She represents her country as youth ambassador for International youth Society France, Overseas President of Yuvan Foundation, Member of International Frontier for Peace and Humanitarian Organisation!

Social Work
Her activities are not just confined to attaining greater heights in science and mathematics but she has also been in the forefront in lending a helping hand to the needy in Gujarat during the Covid lockdown. She was actively volunteering working in the slum communities of Gujarat and supporting people at public spaces like railway stations, providing sanitation and ration supplies. She had recently written an article, “How to get rid of Covid 19 using artificial intelligence” reflects her concern for using advancements in science for the benefit of common man.

Jennisha attributes her achievements so far to perseverance and hard work. Even as she is busy preparing for her 12th grade board examinations, she finds time for the community around her.

Vironica Joncy

Vironica Joncy has diverse experience as an educator and social development consultant working at grassroots level, providing holistic learning experience for children of underprivileged communities across India. She has worked with children having learning and behavioral difficulties through therapy and counseling. She handles Companion at Pallikkutam Online School catering to Preparatory Stage Students (from 3rd – 5th Classes). She holds a Master degree in Social Work (MSW). Read more articles..