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September 19, 2020 Saturday 10:50:28 AM IST

Before Covid, After Covid

Guest Column

Humans have had a long history, believed to be 3.8 million years in the making to be precise from the primordial state to the modern day. The origin of the life started from prokaryote before been called as Homo sapiens. The history of the humankind began, they multiplied into different traits and adapted under different climatic conditions. Everything was a wonder for him, the day, night, thunder, fire, rain, storms, seas, mountains, animals. Then they believed in a prime power which controlled everything that they saw and called it God. They found civilizations, fencing territories, kingdoms; they started to conquer each other through wars. Centuries passed and there came a transitional time and they divided it into BC and AD. Story continued, they multiplied into large populations and settlements, discovering new lands, seas and terrains.

Before Covid
They started to invent, the golden age of discoveries and science slowly conquered them forgetting the prime cause the God and the purpose of life. The nations turned to be fighting each other for power and led to the world wars. Humans became so superior over the nature, the rich exploited the poor. Then poverty was in plenty, people came with companies to trade across all lands, they built buildings bigger than we ever could have planned. Everything became under their finger tip. You could buy everything in this world sitting anywhere. People started to fly over planes and the roads were filled with cars. People in the family stopped talking, the relationships were frozen, they all became egoist to their own self’s and money controlled their thoughts, children were stuck in gaming and online. Their eyes became too small. Every toddler had a phone to take selfies filtered. They filled the sea with plastics, slaughtered animals, they smoked, drunken and gambled. The air was filled with flames, fumes and pollution. The leaders went for wars, grown as nuclear powers, fighting, blaming, terrorizing. They injected fundamentalism, ideologies, castes and racism to win elections and to fill their pockets. Then a few became terrorists in the name of religion and race, killing innocents. They built big monuments, towers and statues. It continued…..

After Covid 
Then came a new virus in 2019-20. The Covid-19, the world then went through a transition and a division and called it Pre-Corona and Post-Corona. Then the government reacted and told us to hide away, restricted to stay in homes, to protect by covering masks. They have never seen such a mess in their lives. The air was pure but they couldn’t breathe, the roads were empty but they couldn’t drive. Friends had time to sit but they couldn’t come together. They had money but no way to spend it.  A few left the world without saying a good bye. Then they regretted on making big statues, buildings, luxuries instead of hospitals and labs. Then they started to think about the mistakes that they down towards humanity and nature. They regretted for not paying ears to the prophets of the time. They realized the world is changed forever, then they started think to adapt to the changes, and it is no more survival of the fittest but the quickest. They start to be more conscious about the nature. They started to understand the meaning of family and togetherness, they started to love the home made food. They loved the minimum. They understood that the other is my co- being and started to respect them. They started to talk to the birds and animals, to the nature. They understood that the spirituality is not in rituals but in your heart, in compassion and in loving. When they encountered death on their door steps they started to live. The world is not the same, it has gone through a great transition. The transition from Pre-Corona to Post- Corona. Yes they have to change, they have to change to be eco –conscious, they have to change to be adaptive, and they have to change in their relationships, they have to change in their life styles, education and living. The signs you see is a blessing in disguise, a warning for a happy world of future. Never turn back anymore. They understood the purpose of life, and that was to love, share and co existing.

Prince Punnan Puthettu

Theology Student, Samanvaya, Bhopal Read more articles..
20/09/2020 22:23:59 IST
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